Thursday, 3 January 2013

Force Chrome to render Google search in English

1. In Chrome, click the wrench icon. (upper-right)
2. Click 'Options' [This item is called 'Preferences' on Macs]
3. Under the 'Basic' tab, select 'Manage Search Engines' in the Search section
4. At the bottom of the list of search engines, you'll see three fields that allow you to add a new one. Add this info into the three fields in the correct order:
(You should paste this link without any breaks or spaces)
5. Hit 'Enter' and your search engine should be saved. Finally, hover your mouse pointer over the newly added Google entry to see a button that reads 'Make default' - select this in order to change your default Google search.
Close the preferences tab and test your new Google search by typing a search term into the Omnibox (Chrome's address and search bar).

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